What We Fund

Schmidt Marine Technology Partners focuses on solving problems in the following four issue areas: 


Sustaining Fisheries

Our goal is to increase the sustainability of fisheries worldwide. We are interested in technologies that reduce by-catch, prevent illegal fishing, and bring transparency to the seafood supply chain. 

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Enabling Ocean Research

While Schmidt Marine does not fund basic research, we do fund technologies that increase the efficiency and efficacy of ocean research. This includes novel sensor technologies, data processing and sharing technologies, and other research tools. 

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Marine Plastic Pollution

We seek to prevent plastic from reaching the ocean. With that in mind, we support land-based solutions that disrupt our current system of single-use plastics, increase the efficiency of recycling, and decrease the demand for virgin plastics. 

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Habitat health

Our goal is the development of technologies that can help restore balance to ocean ecosystems by addressing such issues as coastal pollution, coral reef and other habitat declines, or control of invasive species.  

Note: Schmidt Marine funds largely—but not exclusively—in the above categories. However, we do not provide funding in the following areas: renewable energy, shipping efficiency and emissions, aquaculture, seasteading, or geo-engineering. To tell us us about your project, please send an email to info@schmidtmarine.org with a one paragraph summary of your work. To see a partial list of what we have funded to date, please see our Grantees page.