One of our primary missions at Schmidt Marine Technology Partners is to create both a virtual and a physical hub for the ocean community. On the virtual side, we highlight news, solutions, events, and opportunities tied to ocean issues using our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please follow us and let us know anytime you have something you’d like us to share. For a look at some of the opportunities and activities at our Ocean Innovation Hub on The Embarcadero in San Francisco, please scroll down.


Schmidt Marine hosts periodic networking events at our office because we've learned that when you bring an imaginative, motivated crowd together, creative collisions are inevitable. We’ve already seen problems solved, and collaborations born, and hope that’s just a start.  We invite anyone interested in, or working in, the marine technology field—entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, oceanographers, non-profit staff, government workers, philanthropists, and others—to join us for these events. Just send us a note with your name, email, and a little bit about yourself and we’ll add you to our mailing list.    

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Office Space

Schmidt Marine’s office functions as a hub for the ocean conservation and technology community. We open our doors to anyone working for the protection of our oceans, including non-profit staff, technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and investors. If you’re interested in using our space, either to work or to host an ocean-related meeting, please email

Job Board

Schmidt Marine created the Ocean Job Board to help job seekers find positions in the marine technology and conservation space. Our goal is drive ocean conservation forward by providing access to top jobs across the community. 

The board links directly to the career pages of top ocean organizations and automatically stays updated when jobs are posted or taken down. It's free to use, and all applications go directly to the hiring organization.

To add or remove your organization, or ask a question, please email us at