Jake Hanft works as a program analyst for Schmidt Marine, helping to research and analyze economically viable solutions to complex ocean health problems. A San Francisco native, graduated from University of California, Davis with a B.A. in international relations with a global environment emphasis, and a minor in English. As an undergraduate, Jake interned at then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's Capitol Hill office. Specializing in environmental issues, Jake was the representative of the Speaker's office at Congressional hearings covering the Deepwater Horizon spill. He has a background working at the intersection between economics and sustainability, and is passionate about preventing marine plastic pollution and illegal fishing.




Mark Schrope is Schmidt Marine's Program Director, applying skills developed as both a scientist and writer to the identification and evaluation of promising marine technologies. He began his career studying deep ocean carbon cycling at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, after receiving a B.S. in biology from Wake Forest University, and an M.S. in chemical oceanography from Florida State University. In 1999, after completing the Science Communications program at UC Santa Cruz, he converted to ocean-focused journalism and outreach. Mark’s articles, often including his own photos, have appeared in Nature, Scientific American, Popular Science, Outside, The New York Times, and other publications. He has consulted for clients such as  the Scripps Research Institute, Sea Grant, The Living Oceans Foundation, the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, and Yale University. Wearing various hats, he has worked on over a dozen research vessels on expeditions around the world.


Michael Shen works as a program analyst for Schmidt Marine, analyzing new ocean technology solutions to see whether they are economically viable and environmentally beneficial. He attended University of California, Berkeley and received a B.A. in integrative biology. Michael previously worked as a financial systems analyst at the Schmidt Ocean Institute, a sister non-profit entity of Schmidt Marine.  

Michael is particularly interested the prevention of plastic pollution as well as the development of inexpensive sensors for research.